Top Website Mistakes Businesses Make In 2024 And How To Fix Them

15 December, 2023

Charlie Munger

In today’s digital era, your website is your potential customer’s first impression of your business. A well designed website and user friendly website can be great for building brand loyalty,generating leads and driving sales. Here are some examples of mistakes that’s businesses make in 2024 and how to fix them with some insights of reliable sources:

  • Ignoring mobile optimisation.

    With the use of mobiles surpassing the use of desktops,a website that isn’t responsive on the mobile(doesn’t adapt to the screen size)is a major no-no for potential customers.

    Fix: Make sure your website uses responsive design frameworks. Test it on multiple devices like phones, desktops,tablets etc. You can also get some help from Google developers to find some mobile friendly tools.

  • Confusing Navigation.

    A website with confusing navigation can frustrate a potential customer. It can make it difficult for the visitor to find the exact information they need as reported by the Neilson Norman group.

    Fix: Simplify the navigation menu,use clear labels for each item and page and also organise the content logically. Consider user testing to see how real people interact with your navigation: UserTesting.

  • Lack of Clear Calls to Action(CTAs).

    Your website should show the visitor what they should do next whether it is making a purchase,subscribing to your newsletter or even contacting you for any information. Studies show clear CTAs significantly increase conversations.

    Fix: Include clear and strong CTAs throughout your website.Use contrasting colours and compelling language to make your CTAs stand out. A/B test different CTA variations to see which ones perform best: Optimizely.

  • Insecure Websites.

    With high concerns about online security,a website that isn’t secure(indicated by the https:// prefix in the URL address bar above)will determine the visitors trust on your website and its content. Web browsers can actively warn visitors about insecure websites now.

    Fix: Get an SSL Certificate to encrypt your website traffic and ensure a secure connection.Web hosting providers will also provide you with SSL certificates as a part of their service.

  • Outdated Content.

    Outdated and stale content reflects poorly on your business and can make you seem out of touch with the current market trends. Fresh, new and trendy content is a must for your business to have major rankings for search engines.

    Fix: To regularly update the content on the website with fresh relevant information. You can also add articles,case studies,stats and other types of content to keep the visitor informed and engaged.

  • Neglecting SEO.

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice of optimising your websites ranking on a search engine results page which is also called SERPs. Without a proper SEO your website will be invisible and very hard for a customer to find your product and services.

    Fix: Conduct a research about keywords that identify as relevant terms for your business and target the audience that is using them. Incorporate these keywords or phrases on your website and your content so the customers can find you.

  • Unclear Value Proposition.

    Your website should clearly show what your business does and how it could benefit your customers.Studies by Unbounce sshow that a strong value proposition can significantly improve conversion rates.

    Fix: Develop a strong proposition that can summarise your business and its selling points. Feature these propositions prominently on your home page and throughout your website.

  • Slow Loading Speed.

    A slow loading website has higher bounce rates, which means the visitors leave the website before they can see your content. Studies by WebPageTest show that a one-second delay in page load time can decrease conversions by 7%.

    Fix: Start optimising the images of the website by compressing them but still not changing the quality. You can also try reducing the number or plugins you use.


In 2024 a user centric website is very crucial for businesses success. A responsive designed website ensures a great experience for all users on mobiles, desktops and even tablets. As shown in the article linked above by Neilson Norman group can help you understand what you need and improve.

Not to underestimate the power of CTAs, you can use strong language and design to stand out. Security is a fundamental necessity. An https:// prefix and an SSL certificate can be easily obtained from most web hosting providers,building trust with visitors by encrypting website traffic.

Keep the content fresh! Regularly keep updating your website with current informative articles,studies and stats. That improves the quality of your website and is more relevant for your user and also improves your rank. Conduct a keyword survey and target relevant keywords to boost the SEO. Feature your proposition prominently on your website.

Lastly,website speed is essential. Optimise the website's image and consider reducing plugins to ensure faster performance. By prioritising clear communication,user friendly experience and technical optimisation,you can create a website that converts visitors into customers and fuels business growth. Remember,your website is a digital storefront;make sure it leaves a positive and lasting impression.