Zubin Souza Zunderdog Founder

Behind the Brand: Our Visionary Founder

Meet Zubin Souza, the driving force behind Zunderdog. With over 15 years of experience in the software industry, Zubin's journey includes pivotal roles at eBay, PayPal, Freshworks, and MoEngage.

His passion for empowering small businesses led to the inception of Zunderdog, aiming to bridge the technology gap and support local enterprises worldwide. Zubin's achievements range from architecting transformative solutions at the State Bank of India to solving long standing messaging issues at eBay/PayPal.

He was a part of Freshwork's impressive growth trajectory. During his time there, he witnessed Freshworks' journey from a young startup to a highly successful company, culminating in it being the first Indian company to reach a billion dollar valuation and first Indian SaaS company to IPO in the NASDAQ, USA. Additionally, Zubin's strategic insights at MoEngage led to cost-effective tech solutions. Zubin's commitment to nurturing talent is further demonstrated by his history of mentoring at esteemed institutions like Birla Institute of Technology And Science[BITS] and Goa Institute of Management[GIM] and the Youth Enterprise Program [YEP]. In addition to his impressive industry experience, Zubin brings a passion for developing the next generation of tech leaders.

Recognized by industry leaders and esteemed programs, including being hand-picked for the 'Leap to Unicorn' and Nasscom's 10k program, Zubin continues to spearhead Zunderdog's mission of making enterprise grade technology accessible to all businesses, regardless of size.